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I saw an osteopath after having occasional twinges in my shoulder, and to a lesser extent my knee, which had gone on for about 2 months. He treated my knee and my shoulder and also diagnosed a twisted pelvis, but was unable to realign it. When the shoulder problems continued, I went back a second time he treated my shoulder and also said I had one leg longer than the other and recommended I wear a heel lift for the rest of my life. I went to my GP for another opinion. He also measured me and suggested I try what the osteopath recommended. I was still unsure and luckily got a third opinion from Emma. I did have problems, including a twisted pelvis, but leg length difference was not one of them. Emma is an expert in these matters. She has helped to rectify my postural problems, realigning my pelvis and the deep tissue work has fixed my shoulder issue. Emma has also given me exercises which I can do at home to help my posture. Emma has very comprehensive techniques and I would recommend her to anyone who has any back, shoulder, neck, hip or postural issues.

Linda, Hitchin


I went and saw Emma with the hope she could help me. No one has been able to help me for 17 years so I wasn't holding out for much. At the age of 11 I was diagnosed with Chronic Urticaria, this is a skin condition which affects the whole of my body and can go as far to carrying an Epi Pen as it can affect your breathing. I was given anti-Histamine by the doctors and continued to take this everyday for the rest of my life. At the age of 22, I became very ill and was diagnosed with GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), I spent time in Hospital and had ulcers all over my oesophagus. I carried on struggling right up to 28 when I went and saw Emma. This proved to be the best move I ever made! Not only is Emma a lovely person but she made me feel at ease and listened to all I had to say.

Emma evaluated my history and did food intolerance testing on me, this is when I found out exactly what I'd been doing wrong for so many years (and the fact I'd been on long term drugs for so long) I walked out of there thinking 'no way, this wont work', but... within 24hrs I felt the difference! It's been 3 months now and my illness and symptoms have completely gone. I no longer need either of the tablets I took and my skin allergy is almost disappeared. No one in my life has ever looked at WHY I have these problems; doctors have just fobbed me off with drugs to mask it. Emma looks into the root of the problem and where it stems from. I now have a whole different view on doctors and what they consider to be a treatment.

Thankyou Emma for making me well. It means more to me than you would ever know, I have got my life back! All I would say to anyone considering seeing Emma is that it's the best investment you could ever make.

L. Thomson, Surrey


Emma is absolutely brilliant. I have had scoliosis for 16 years (cause unknown) and knee problems for about 18 years, since falling off a bicycle.

I have seen countless physiotherapists, masseurs, and had all sorts of treatments. How come in 16 years only Emma has been able to connect the two conditions, explain how they are related and how they influence each other, and successfully treat them both?!

She has an amazing understanding of the muscular and skeletal system and is always able to explain a particular problem, why it is likely to be happening, and what I can do about it. Yes, the massage work is painful. But it is the only thing I can rely on to manage my condition!

Emma's advice extends further than just the hour treatments - she has given me stretches and exercises as well as free homeopathic advice as well. Everything she recommends works, every time.
See her!

Ali, Lawyer


I would like to thank your for the great work you were able to do on my back injury, greatly appreciated!

I can still recall the day when I was in such a great pain last April and by Good Friday totally unable to walk unaided, when in desperation I made a call to you to see if you could do something for my back. It was a great to see the way you went to work on my injury and to enable me to walk home and get a train back out of London. The walk back from your clinic through LSQ and up Charing Cross Rd, was sheer pleasure, in being able to walk and stand up straight.

My injury had started previous August and the GP kept prescribing me pain killers and finally after Christmas 2005 he got me to see a specialist this led to referral to physiotherapy treatment. I made progress but at the same time started to get back muscle locks frequently. Then after few months of well being, I had the severe problem in April, when I came to you. The visit to for the chair assessment, really gave me the insight to how you approached and identified my injury problem and the causes, that keep aggravating it. The 6 week treatment with you that followed really made the difference and then the on going adhoc training with you on my injury has helped me to start living normal life again. I am grateful that there are people like you still around who make the difference and don't leave us at the mercy of NHS, who probably do care, but just don't have the time or the right approach to help those who are not in the need of primary care.

I like to thank you for the help and the work you put into getting me better, there are no words that can describe my gratitude.

Wishing you a success in what you do and hope you reach the zenith of your profession."

Latif, Systems Consultant


I am writing to thank you for your help over the last 6 months.

I must confess to be slightly sceptical at first (Re: Reiki Treatment), but the feeling of well being and calming effect is superb, as are the healing qualities of what you do. I have always left after an appointment feeling much better.

I would certainly recommend your services.

Director of
Commercial Property Finance Ltd.


You have a real talent ..... and great hands.

Master Okido yoga / Shiatsu instructor


Treatment with you is good for the mind, body and soul.

A Partner in Finance House


Finding Emma was one of those happy serendipities which makes one wonder whether coincidences really exist. I'd come into the shop looking for a chair which wouldn't hurt to sit in. I have had problems with my shoulders for years and when I came to the shop, I had been in significant pain for several days from an unusually bad muscle spasm under my shoulder blade.

I couldn't move my arm, couldn't sit or move comfortably, and hadn't been sleeping well. Emma asked a few questions and while helping me find a suitable chair, started more hands-on work to try to send me away a bit more comfortable so that I could sleep. Even though the knots were underneath my shoulder blade, she went straight to them. I'd been thinking about trying to find a massage therapist for years, and this moment convinced me to start seeing Emma. I didn't know anything about Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, or the various types of massage.

I only knew that Emma had found and helped ease the knots that several physiotherapists had missed. After several treatments and advice on exercise and lifestyle habits, my shoulders are feeling better than they have in years. Emma is a refreshingly open, honest and holistic professional. It's brilliant to be treated by someone who considers not only physical symptoms but past events, current lifestyle and activities, posture, mindset, etc. Even to someone who doesn't know anything about the techniques she uses, it's obvious that she takes a thoughtful approach to finding the true source of the problem and using the best technique for treating that problem.

I'm very glad to have found Emma and would recommend her wholeheartedly.



I have been seeing Emma weekly since June 2005. I had acute back pain and had been assured by my GP that I had a 'trapped nerve', two minutes later I was out the door with a packet of completely ineffective painkillers.

By sheer serendipity/ desperation I bumped into Emma at the back clinic where she sometimes works. As a cynical Scot I was slightly skeptical about the whole holistic approach, but we arranged a consultation anyway. I was very impressed with her intuitive questioning, and then had a session of deep tissue massage which was very ... emm ... challenging, but afterwards I found that I had greatly increased movement in the neck area and my back felt much less stiff.

We've continued since then and through her unique mixture of personal charm, bullying, torture, humour and threats I now have the posture of a Masai warrior, and have completely dispensed with the painkillers.

In conclusion I'd like to say that she is the most caring health professional I have ever met, nurse, doctor, physio, healer, shaman, always entertaining and a thoroughly nice person.

They should put her statue up on the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square

Kenneth, Antiquarian Book Seller


Thank you soooooooo much for THE treatment yesterday.

My calves feel so much looser and for my elbow ... well! ... It feels TONS and TONS better ... you wonderful person!! ... and to think I was yelling like a woos knowing fully well that all your treatments start with a yelling factor of @@^=#@!@!! but the next day it feels ahhhhhhhhhhh great !

What a fantastic investment I made in you!!

You are so generous with your time and help...thank you !

You always explain what you are doing and why-I need that feedback. Your knowledge on anatomy and physiology is excellent-I have had some therapists who are rubbish. They cannot seem to relate anatomy to physiology and hence cannot give me specific advice.

Ok I am taking my oath now: " I shall do as thou sayeth" ............. because it works, every time !

Rani, Triathlete


Everyone should have an Emma in their life. Whether you have got horrible pain or just feel like your body could do with being checked out, she has an amazing ability to diagnose the issues very quickly and get working on them with her magic fingers. I've had massages from other people but Emma is in a league of her own: tougher but much more knowledgeable, specific and therapeutic. There seems to be nothing she doesn't know about bodies and how to fix them.

Another great thing about Emma is that she can take a very holistic view if you choose, with advice on exercises, posture and equipment for work, homeopathy, diet, etc. But she doesn't ram those other things down your neck or preach - she's simply very interested in helping people by whatever means she can. She is so nice and smart that you find yourself telling her everything.

I first went to see Emma a few months ago with nasty neck/shoulder/back pain, caused by working on a laptop computer. Her advice on equipment and posture, and her massage work, sorted the pain out pretty quickly, but I still continue to see Emma because I have realised that, even if you don't actually feel much pain, there are almost invariably bits of your body that are tense or out of synch, and an hour with Emma is worth its weight in gold to make you feel great and prevent problems developing.

I would pay double for what she does.

Helen, Marketing Consultant


"I think what makes Emma such a good practitioner, is that she is passionate about people......"

Mike, Investment Banker