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"I saw an osteopath after having occasional twinges in my shoulder, and to a lesser extent my knee, which had gone on for about 2 months. He treated my knee and my shoulder and also diagnosed a twisted pelvis, but was unable to realign it. When the shoulder problems continued, I went back a second time he treated my shoulder and also said I had one leg longer than the other and recommended I wear a heel lift for the rest of my life. I went to my GP for another opinion. He also measured me and suggested I try what the osteopath recommended. I was still unsure and luckily got a third opinion from Emma. I did have problems, including a twisted pelvis, but leg length difference was not one of them. Emma is an expert in these matters. She has helped to rectify my postural problems, realigning my pelvis and the deep tissue work has fixed my shoulder issue. Emma has also given me exercises which I can do at home to help my posture. Emma has very comprehensive techniques and I would recommend her to anyone who has any back, shoulder, neck, hip or postural issues."

LINDA, Hitchin

"Emma is absolutely brilliant. I have had scoliosis for 16 years (cause unknown) and knee problems for about 18 years, since falling off a bicycle. I have seen countless physiotherapists, masseurs, and had all sorts of treatments. How come in 16 years only Emma has been able to connect the two conditions, explain how they are related and how they influence each other, and successfully treat them both?! She has an amazing understanding of the muscular and skeletal system and is always able to explain a particular problem, why it is likely to be happening, and what I can do about it. Yes, the massage work is painful. But it is the only thing I can rely on to manage my condition! Emma's advice extends further than just the hour treatments - she has given me stretches and exercises as well as free homeopathic advice as well. Everything she recommends works, every time. See her!"

ALI, Lawyer, London

Director of Commercial Property Finance Ltd.

"I am writing to thank you for your help over the last 6 months.

I must confess to be slightly sceptical at first (Re: Reiki Treatment), but the feeling of well being and calming effect is superb, as are the healing qualities of what you do. I have always left after an appointment feeling much better.

I would certainly recommend your services."

"You have a real talent ..... and great hands."

Master Okido yoga /

Shiatsu instructor

"Treatment with you is good for the mind, body and soul."

A Partner in Finance House

"Everyone should have an Emma in their life. Whether you have got horrible pain or just feel like your body could do with being checked out, she has an amazing ability to diagnose the issues very quickly and get working on them with her magic fingers. I've had massages from other people but Emma is in a league of her own: tougher but much more knowledgeable, specific and therapeutic. There seems to be nothing she doesn't know about bodies and how to fix them.

Another great thing about Emma is that she can take a very holistic view if you choose, with advice on exercises, posture and equipment for work, homeopathy, diet, etc. But she doesn't ram those other things down your neck or preach - she's simply very interested in helping people by whatever means she can. She is so nice and smart that you find yourself telling her everything.

I first went to see Emma a few months ago with nasty neck/shoulder/back pain, caused by working on a laptop computer. Her advice on equipment and posture, and her massage work, sorted the pain out pretty quickly, but I still continue to see Emma because I have realised that, even if you don't actually feel much pain, there are almost invariably bits of your body that are tense or out of sync, and an hour with Emma is worth its weight in gold to make you feel great and prevent problems developing. I would pay double for what she does."

HELEN, Marketing Consultant

"I think what makes Emma such a good practitioner, is that she is passionate about people......" Mike, Investment Banker